Friday, May 21, 2010

Promises, promises....

My next walking outing was last Sunday. The day before was the Annual Laxey Football Club FA Cup Final Coach Trip. This is an event important enough to deserve Capital Letters throughout.

The Coach Trip has loomed large in the minds of Laxey players for nearly 40 years, and is always a good day - and night - out.

This year from Laxey we headed north, as usual. The day is spent with two hours drinking, followed by two hours watching the Cup Final with assorted interesting Ramsey citizenry - while drinking - followed by about another six hours drinking in the north and west of the Island.

The result was that the next morning I needed to get to Laxey clubhouse in Glen Road to pick up my car, so I walked via Lonan Old Church and down into Laxey.

The Okells of the day before had some effect, and made it hard going. There are some steepish hills on that route, but in the Alpen scheme of things, they are mere molehills.

But with the weight of Heron and Brearley on my shoulders, and the bad knee, those hills became mountains. There's a proverb trying to pop it's head out somewhere in that - perhaps it is "Okells make mountains out of molehills" Result - 7 miles in 1.25.31.

I have done this second blog today to plug a couple of things - firstly the excellent team from former DOLGE Waste Management - Steve Taggart, two times Parish finisher, best time 20.31; Stephanie Gray - 4 times finisher, best time 21.52, and Joanne Hetherington, End to End Finisher, have done a lot of work on a plan to recycle all the rubbish generated en route. I will post more detail and links nearer the time.

Secondly, Bowel Cancer Isle of Man, are trying to promote awareness of bowel cancer in the Island this month and looking to raise funds to help with their support, and hoping that Government will introduce a bowel cancer screening service. I am trying to support them all I can and tonight, Friday 21st May - there is a fund raising walk from the Bottleneck car park, along to Summerland and back. Entry is only £5.00, and you register at 5.30pm for a 6pm start. I will be going for the walk, and rather than trundle along at sociable speeds, does anyone want to come down and keep me company for a 12 minute mile type walk? Or just come for the stroll and fun anyway.

So, Promises. I am now promising to do the exercises I promised the physio I would do - (I presume I am not alone in only doing the promised exercises the day before your next visit);

I promise not to neglect this blog ever again;

I promise to walk at least five miles every day from now on. (In reality this may mean getting up at 6am from now on - as I don't normally get to bed until about 1.30am, I may have some problems looming)

Finally, I went to NSC yesterday, and did a comfortable six miles, with the treadmill set to Hills on level 3, just to test out the knee, and it was fine. So maybe, just maybe, I will keep the promises....

Just like, Starting Over...

I bet the most used phrase in blogging is "Sorry about neglecting this blog......"

Well, Marie Lambden, who works in Tynwald with me, and who is the wife of Murray, Web Supremo, came into our office, dressed in severe clothing, and beat me around the head with the copy of Hansard containing the three hour debate we had on Dog Poo in Douglas last year, until I agreed to add more to this Blog ****

So where were we up to, what with the Great Snot and the Dodgy Knee?

I had rested for three weeks in early April, because of the Knee, but then decided to go for it. I could walk on the straight and level without problem, but hills caused pain. I tried a couple of tentative 2 mile sessions on the treadmill at the NSC, with no reaction, and on the 23rd April, I tried a 5 mile effort on the treadmill, with again no aftermath, other than some swelling.

Two days later I did an eight mile walk around Lonan Old Church, in 1.37.41, slower than normal, but I realised that even with just a three week lay off, a lot of the fitness disappears.

It was just like starting over.

A couple of days later, a 12 mile walk, out through Lonan Old Church to Fairy Cottage and back was completed in 2.27.14, and a couple of days after that I did a ten mile walk, same route, out to Baldrine in 2.02. I found I was having to drag my left leg up the hills, trying not to put pressure on it.

Not sure if that is sustainable over 85 miles - and it is still a problem.

I then had another lay off for a couple of weeks, including a weekend away to see my daughter and I also travelled up to see Colchester United in their last league game of the season against Orient. People do strange things....

So, that's what I have done.

Another blog later showing what I haven't done, but a Blog with some PROMISES about what I will do......

**** This may have been part of a very strange dream....