Monday, January 17, 2011

Foetal Alcohol Disorder - Part Two

Well, pleased as I am that the newspapers have picked up on the dangers of drinking while pregnant, there are some elements of the article in the Examiner, and the Editorial, which need some correction.

Firstly, the article states that one in nine children are born with FAD. Fortunately it is not that bad. It is actually 1 in 100 in the UK (and Canada) and it may be the same here, or perhaps a little worse, if our extra consumption of drink is taken into account.

There are about 900 births here each year, so that equates to about nine children each year who may be affected. Not one in nine as stated.

Secondly, Foetal Alcohol Disorder is NOT any form of ADHD. It is a seperate syndrome caused by the physical effects of alcohol on the foetus while in the womb.

The only connection is that it may be possible that children with FAD are being presumed to have ADHD if a proper diagnosis of the FAD condition has not been made. This is part of the work I am asking Health to undertake - is FAD not being diagnosed on occasions, or does it sometimes get lumped in with ADHD? Are the behaviour problems of these children being masked and labelled as ADHD?

Finally the Examiner editorial. This is in no way an attempt by the Government to interfere in the drinking habits of our population. I am trying to make sure that publicity is given to the real dangers of women drinking while pregnant. I have found that the vast majority of women abstain completely once they know they are expecting - but in my brief research in the last few days I have found that there is an ignorance about the effects of what drink can do to the foetus, and some women may drink without knowing they are pregnant, or without knowing the dangers.

This needs a co-ordination between the Drug and Alcohol Policy, Sexual Health Strategy and education in schools and by Health professionals.

At the Conference last week there were seasoned professionals, including head teachers with years of experience who did not realise that a foetus with no liver was in such danger from alcohol.

But again, thanks for the Examiner for kick starting what I hope may prevent some children from acquiring brain damage.

Foetal Alcohol Disorder is the single largest cause of preventable brain damage in new born children.


  1. You seem to have dropped you lightbuld theory on adhd in this statement mr butt!
    What you should be pushing for is another kids adhd specialist and a whole adhd department for both kids and adults as this is something that is badley needed on this island!
    The figures of kids and adults with adhd on this island are"off the scale" and this statistic is the same as ibiza where i spend the other half of the year,,i have found massive connections with adhd and islands so i suggest you tell your experts to research this area as it is 8o% genetic across the whole family.
    People with adhd in adults like to run away,hide if you like from past things,alot of these people have ended up on the isle of man and over a few hundred years,bearing in mind how genetic it is,it doesnt take alot of fuiguring out as to why it on such an increase over hear!
    I personally think it could be as high as 1 in 6 or 7 people on the island havd adhd or one of the 5 members of its family and if you bear in mind that 67% of kids with adhd dont make it to the work force you can start to see the size of the problem that we potentiially have here!!
    This is the reason why im making a film on it,to raise awarness and to show just how successfull you can be when u have this condition as it breeds entrapaneurs!
    your article has badley damaged all the work ive done to make this condition look socially acceptable im affraid.
    One good thing is that at least you government bods might do something about it now as this problem is getting alot worse and you still dont even have a specialist here on the island!
    If you want to waste tax payers money on this subject then help me with the cost of making this film as it will show you just what you can achieve with adhd\!!
    90% of the cast in this film have adhd and are all the best in the world at what they do!!
    time to look at the posotives a bit more on this condition instead just labelling kids as naughty kids,,they are actually possibly the most talented kids in the class room and they need eduacting from a young age on how to deal with this condition as it is not something you can get rid of,,and as for throwing kids on ritalin,well thats just disgusting!200 deaths over a ten year period on ritalin and kids as young as 3 are being put on it?
    you really have used your police skills very well on this one mate and used about as much tact as a 70,s copper!!
    You have offended alot of people with your statement and the waves are still getting higher as we speak!
    a diversion statement(hardley mentioning adhd)like your part 2 statement is not enough to repair the damage that you have done!
    im sure you will be hearing alot more about this one and it will now get adhd the publicity and attention that it deserves,even if it is at your expence!

  2. Quite interesting that theres no mention of all the people who complained about your comments in the examiner and also very interesting that the whole interview that i did with the paper hasnt even been printed?
    Anything to do with family connections at the paper i wonder?
    may i suggest that you learn the facts on what you talk about before blabbing aload of incorrect rubbish about ADHD and use your infuences to make sure that something is done for the people that have it on the isle of man!
    Im totally offended by what you said and im all up for people who speak there mind,i just wish you would have done some propper research and come out with facts that are are important instead of a load of made up "lightbulb " jumbo.
    ADHD is a massive problem here on the island,thats a proven fact!why dont you use your time and tax payers money to do something about that instead of going to daft meetings with 2nd rate people who have all been sacked from there positions as they are not worthy of the jobs!
    As for covering your backside by having apologies printed in the paper,well that about sums you up!your lucky everyone you offended didnt have their comments printed otherwise you would look even more stupid than you look now!