Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Joys of Amoxicillin....

More Blog Neglect. I am expecting Murray and his Blog Police to come round soon one midnight and take me away for a good thrashing with well worn Reeboks. And you can't outrun Murray's Athletic Stormtroopers. They train too much.

And so to training, and I hope the last ever mention of The Great Snot. I did 5 miles at the NSC a couple of weeks ago, and struggled with the breathing - so much so that I finally went to the Doctor.

I had been to a Doctor a couple of weeks earlier for something else, but that day had just done a 12 mile walk, so TGS had temporarily ceased, as it does after exercise - so I forgot to tell him of my cold. Men are generally useless, and particularly so around Doctors....

You feel an idiot going to the Doctor with a cold, but it had lasted exactly three months on the day I finally went to see her, and she didn't mind at all. I was given a course of anti-biotics - Amoxicillin - which I started taking that day, a Monday.

I went for an eight mile walk around Lonan Old Church Road the next day and what a difference. The pills had obviously started their work immediately, for I was able to finish the eight miles in 1.33.04, my quickest ever, by about five minutes. I have never been able to average more than 5mph over any distance longer than 5 miles before, except on the flat in the Winter Walking League. The Lonan walk includes plenty of hills and although I was tired at the end, I felt so much better than I have done all winter.

A couple of days later I went on the treadmill at the NSC and did six miles, set at 8.7kph, (and a final burst at 9kph) which I was able to maintain comfortably.

So praise be to Amoxicillin and Doctor Gavin.

The real bonus is being able to taste my food and Okells again, and I can now expect to play a full ninety minutes for Laxey this weekend against Liverpool Collegiate, instead of going off at half-time, a mucus stained wreck.

On a less happy note, the re-organisation of Government did not go as I hoped. I was given The Dream Job in January - responsibility for Sport and Leisure. I was looking forward to a long working relationship with Andy Varnon and Paul Bridson (The Man Who Won Laxey The Grand Slam) and Geoff Karran on Sports Development and the Sports Council, and Carl Glover and his team at the NSC. The work they do is inspiring and we are very fortunate to have them and all the facilities they provide. That role finished today, and I will miss working with them.

In the re-shuffle I stay in Education, and I was also asked to take over responsibility for Health, which I have done as of today. That will be a real challenge and I am excited about working there. I was in the DHSS, responsible for Social Services, for over two years, so I know a lot of the people in Health. You can blame me now if the Reciprocal Health Agreement goes wrong again.

Perhaps my first action should be to recommend Doctor Gavin for an MBE for services to Average Sportsmen With Blocked Noses and her prescription of Amoxicillin....

Winter Walking League and some more history soon......

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