Thursday, April 22, 2010

2001 - and a Rehabilitation Odyssey

Well, it's all quiet on the Training Front, but not so quiet on the Patella Front.

Having exacerbated my left knee injury by playing football at Laxey on Easter Sunday, I went for the Rest option. But you get fed up with doing nothing, and there seemed to be no sign of the pain diminishing. I found some old Motifene in a cupboard (Ibroprofen type anti-inflammatory), prescribed a couple of years ago for my shoulder injury.

Hint: Don't throw away your old drugs as advised by Doctors and Chemists, you never know when you might need them***

Motifene, rest and ice have not done much, but I have started on a new regime of squats to strengthen my quads, which should pull the kneecap up and stop it pinching the sore bit under the kneecap.

Stairs and hills are still a problem, but yesterday I went for a two mile walk through Lakeside up to Groudle Road and back. Some pain ascending and descending, but just about bearable.

Then today I have just been to the NSC and did 2 and a half miles on the treadmill, set to "Flat", and at a modest 8kph, and I felt no pain at all. I now wait until tomorrow to see if the knee gets inflamed again.

Overall, it's not going so well, especially compared to the doings of Dave Walker and his 18 mile walks. And not so well compared to the dozens of walkers you see every evening now, trying to out-compete the hedgerow daffodils for yellowness. The last three weeks have been bathed in glorious weather and that is one of the reasons why the Parish is special - training surrounded by primroses, daffodils and the sound of rutting and happy birds all around, is a delight. That is a reason why it is so frustrating not to be out and about. I think Birdsong will soon win out over Knee Pain.

I had meant to write about previous Parish Walks in fallow writing times, and this is indeed a fallow time. So, next up, my second Parish in 2001. Once again about 20 of us walked as Laxey Football Club, in club shirts, which I still wear to this day. We were raising money again for Running for Jack.

I walked most of the way to Peel with my brother-in-law, Kevin Graham, who is a natural, and whose best finish time to date is 20.12. Like me, he has finished five times, and we walk well together. Also with us in 2001 was Gill Churcher, whose children played for Laxey. We walked all the way together, but Kevin did his knee in walking down into Glen Maye and finished about three minutes behind us. I finished in Peel in 7.31.33, about ten minutes quicker than the previous year, and Gill Churcher was a few seconds behind me. Gill later went on to record three finishes, her best being 19.20 in 2006 and her husband David is a five times finisher.

As I finished about 14 seconds ahead of Gill, I must have ungallantly deserted her somewhere in Peel. That competitive urge makes you a bad person. As with the previous year, I found that I was going really well on the road into Peel, as if a second wind had been found. That's why you think, "Maybe next year I can go further........"

And that's how you get caught in the Parish Trap...

*** Don't listen to him above - speaking as the Member with Political Responsibility for Health I should re-iterate that under no circumstances should you use out of date prescribed drugs, and unused drugs should be disposed of responsibly at all times....

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