Saturday, January 2, 2010

Let's get those feet out of the way....

When those curtains close on me at the Crem, and if people talk about my life, what will totally overshadow my Life on Mars (without the violence) career as a Detective, or my trifling achievements in the political field, will be that photograph above.

The newspaper article will simply say " Man with bad feet dies after long struggle with 1000 Mile Socks"

I will only be Famous for my Feet. And that is why I am doing this blog, because although that photo was taken after a finish in 2003, my feet have been like that after most finishes.

In addition, and far more seriously, my back also collapses somewhere around Glen Mona, and that is a much greater problem than a bit of foot pain, and that makes finishing a real problem for me.

The reason for these injuries is a lack of proper training, so when Murray asked me to do this blog, I seized the chance, because if I have to publicly show what training I have been doing, maybe I will be shamed into actually doing some. And I hope any readers of this will learn how to avoid the pitfalls I repeatedly stumble into.

I know that finishing the Parish is 95% a mental issue. The brain can and usually does over-rule the body. I hit the 'wall' in 2008 at Ballakillowey and just had to stop. Entering this year is an attempt by me to see if my brain can once again over-rule my body and get me to a finish, and with more training the aim is to beat 20 hours.

I never thought someone like me could ever finish the Parish, but I know that it is possible for all of you, and as recent years have shown, hundreds are now able to do it.

So good luck everyone - and don't follow my example - just learn from it what not to do.


  1. Ha Ha! Nice posts!

    How about starting with the Christmas Winter Walking League at Ronaldsway on Sunday?

    Don't forget to bring a raffle prize!

  2. Michael

    Thanks for commenting - I missed the Ronaldsway walk - still heavily dosed up with cold, and not able to train. It all starts tomorrow......