Tuesday, January 26, 2010

S'Not Fair....

Let's talk about Snot again. The Great Snot Of 2009 receded a little about ten days ago, only to be replaced with the Great Snot Of 2010.

I struggled a couple of weeks ago on the treadmill, mostly because of feeling a bit low, being unfit, and the Great Snot making it hard to breathe....

However, after a few treadmill sessions at the NSC, described earlier, I felt a lot better and The Nose even cleared up a bit. So, a week last Friday, I managed a full five mile continuous walk, on the treadmill, without any real problem. Progress at last. On Sunday, the first nice day for weeks, I went for a six mile walk around my "Groudle - Lonan Old Church" route, and felt fine, clocking up a 1 hour 11 minute time, nearly back on the hoped for schedule.

Then last week a bit of a hiatus - I had to go to Wrightington Hospital near Wigan on Monday for a follow up for my shoulder operation last year, the result of a football injury, and the reason I could not do the Parish last year as my arm was in a sling until the middle of May. That trip was basically a five minute consulation surrounded by twelve hours of waiting around in hospital canteens and airports.

The next two days were 10 hour shifts sitting in Tynwald, and you really do not feel like any exercise after that.

I managed another 5 mile treadmill stint at the NSC on Thursday, but failed again miserably over last weekend as the Great Snot took an even greater hold. My new Hi-Viz jacket is still a virgin.

Six weeks of it now - I mistakenly thought my head was filled with a massive brain, but it turns out it just contains a very efficient Snot Factory. Anyone any ideas how to get rid?

Still, for all the setbacks, I have managed about 60 miles in total since October, 60 miles more training than I would normally have done by this time in previous years - and to be honest, my
total training hardly amounts to much more than that each year - so doing this Blog will be good for me in the end.

I am so impressed with the amount of work fellow blogger Dave Walker is putting in. He is an inspiration, and his latest blog is definitely spurring me on.

As to Angie and her toenails - I used to keep a collection of mine, in a plastic container. I had a couple of dozen at one stage, but my wife threw them out in disgust when she found them. I thought they might have been useful to her in the future if she ever wanted to clone me. Surprisingly that hadn't occurred to her... I lose five or six most years, a couple of times all ten have gone.

So in the future, instead of disgusting tales of Snot and Toenails, I promise tales of real progress.....

Finally a Top Tip - Government desperately needs more turnover, so get down the NSC and make use of the facilities. I discovered that rather than pay £3.60 a session for the gym, you can buy ten at a time, which works out at about £2.90 a session. Bargain. Use your NSC.

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