Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trouble at T'Mill.....

So I need to start some training. First step, I bought a reflective jacket. That didn’t get me out.

I charged up my Garmin 305 (as recommended by Mark Hempsall). That didn’t get me out.

I read the excellent little book which came with the Guardian on Saturday – “Walk Yourself Fit” – That didn’t get me out.

So I went to the gym. NSC on Tuesday, still suffering with a bad cold (ManFlu for the weak and feeble) Set the treadmill at 8.5kph and set off. I was so tired, I needed a break after two miles. Then I managed a half mile, and needed a break again. Finally after another short rest – I managed a continuous two miles. When I was last reasonably fit I could blast off six miles at a good speed without too much trouble.

What I have discovered is that apart from struggling with a cold, I am basically unfit after a lengthy layoff. I need to get fit before I try to improve my speed and technique.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I went to NSC again, and this time it was a bit easier. I managed two two mile stints, with a lot less discomfort. I know that a degree of fitness can return quite quickly if you stick at it, so some gym work over the next week is my priority.

This exercise is small beer compared with some of the efforts listed in Blogs in previous years, but when The Great Snot stops, I promise more action.

A little bit more history…..

My next involvement in walking, after the Parish Walk Relay, was in the TT Course Relays. I entered with Police teams for four years, twice doing the leg from Ginger Hall up to the Black Hut. I definitely had a Jim Peters moment at Guthries the first time I did that. I definitely got my line wrong and nearly came off* (*Staggered from side to side)

The second time I did that leg, Kevin Madigan(?) told me my time was quite good, and asked had I considered taking up walking. The agony of Guthries had convinced me that walking was not for me. Ever.

Other years I also did the leg Glen Helen to Ginger Hall, and the final leg down to the Grandstand. This would be around 1969 to 1972 – the point about those days is that those walks were done with NO training at all – probably the same for most people. And the other point is that for them all, I wore a pair of brown suede Hush Puppies, my ordinary (but very comfortable) workaday shoes. Thinking back, there were no such things as trainers then. Most people just had a pair of pumps from Newsons or Osbornes - though I do have a dim memory of once having a pair of “baseball boots” – pumps with a high ankle – the nearest thing to a modern trainer. I am pretty sure that my only footwear in those days would be my Hush Puppies, my football boots and my cricket boots. And two pairs of socks.

I had my first meeting last night of the Sports Council – now Isle of Man Sport – and was amazed at the amount of voluntary work done by members of Council, particularly with the Sport Aid recipients, and how much of their personal time they put into Sport in the Island. We are truly blessed on this Island and punch well above our weight in Sport because of the dedication of those people and hundreds of others who give up their time and expertise.

Once again, I am so fortunate to be working with such people.

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